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About Me


I’m Katie, the Foodie with the Booty! I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and now live in Dallas, Texas. I am currently in Nursing school, graduating in May of 2021, with the dream of becoming an L&D nurse.

In the midst of this crazy season of life, I have tried to find an outlet and space to clear my head and just debrief, if you will. I have always loved to cook – it is truly how I de-stress. I grew up in a household where each night we would sit down as a family and enjoy an incredibly delicious meal made by my Rockstar mom. They weren’t just meals she picked up and stuck in the oven. This woman would put her heart and soul into these, each and every night. I loved to just watch her and ask questions about what she was making. I give all my love and passion for cooking to her.

I am all about simple, made from scratch, savory, and easy to prepare recipes! Making dishes from scratch and using good quality ingredients shouldn’t be overly complicated or time consuming. I try to make my recipes approachable for any new “chefs” with easy, clear and rather quick instructions. Feel free to leave comments on my blog or Instagram page of recipes you want me to incorporate more of!

I love food, I love the process of making it and I love the history behind it. Food brings so much joy to my life – we make friends and laugh over it, we celebrate holidays with it and, most importantly, we bless it. Food is a blessing and I can’t wait to share this blessing with each of you! Welcome to my online kitchen!

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